It is one of the saddest admissions I can make as a lover of motion pictures, that until last night I had never seen “The Blues Brothers.”

Funny thing is, that I had somehow managed to avoid it both during its theatrical run commencing in June 1980, and then anywhere on television, VHS, DVD, DVR, on-demand or streaming, in the two-score plus almost one years of my life that passed since Jake and Elwood hit the big screens is only the second most amazing aspect of that oversight.

The first is that I also somehow managed to avoid knowing what…

Prior to assembling the backyard 4'x6' storage shed I recently purchased, I knew I had to provide something approaching a level area in the back of the upon which said shed will sit (say that three times fast and find out what happens).

The areas of our backyard that are flat are spoken for and the rest are dirt and sloping, so a couple weeks ago I rototilled the space where Mater’s hutch had stood with a plan to create a 5'x7' base using 35 1'x1' concrete pavers.

To celebrate the holiday reserved to honor the collective presidids and presididn’ts…

Coincidentally, the first thing I read after placing a Valentines Day order for my mom back on February 8 through 1–800 Flowers was a Facebook post by my friend David Markland, making a cogent and reasoned and empassioned argument strongly encouraging against patronizing 1–800 Flowers.

While it was too late for me, I share the resultant delivery notification snafu that developed on February 12 to support and reinforce Markland’s opinion.

Backstory: This was not my first time strapped in to the 1–800 Flowers tilt-a-whirl. In fact, I was enough of a repeat customer to know that when scheduling a delivery…

Medium stopped me from publishing my photo-less post and urged the inclusion of a dynamic image they said can increase interest in my deathless prose, so here’s a couple of me (left top, right bottom) with Tomas Trujillo, a fellow acting and stage combat student at Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting West doing a choreographed fight presentation back in 1987, all of which may not be dynamic and has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but there you are.

I am not a first-adopter. I drive a soon to be 24-year-old pickup truck. I have a PS3 and a 10-year-old flatscreen and a 7-year-old iPad and an 11-year-old MacBook, and no discernible itch to replace any of them as long as they continue to do their jobs — in fact some of the greatest joy I experienced during this time of the great pandemic was in fixing my MacBook’s trackpad… all on my own. The same state of mind goes for platforms. …

Will Campbell

I have seen things you wouldn't believe.

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